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bodygoddesses's Journal

Body Goddesses
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Body Goddesses is a fitness support group based around the concept that the best way to get into the shape you want to be in is to:
pick a clear and defining goal;
honestly evaluate where you are now;
set steps toward achieving that goal;
work on one step at a time.

This is not primarily a weight-loss community. We're about becoming outwardly the goddess you are inside. For some people that means gaining weight, for others, losing it. It probably means exercise for everyone, because without exercise you can't be healthy, and if there's one thing goddesses do, it's radiate good health. Everyone's goal will be a little different, but hopefully in this community at least, we can do away with fixating on the scale, and focus on our whole body and our whole image.

This is most definitely NOT the place for pro-ED or pro-Ana types. If your goddess is an unhealthy skeleton, I'm very sorry for you, but we're not going to help you get there. I do hope you will take the time to look through our Goddess Gallery, and perhaps be inspired to a healthier path by these images of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes.

It is also not the place for people who are looking for fast solutions to their weight problem. There are no fast solutions that don't ultimately do your body more harm than good.

I realize that the focus on goddesses leaves boys out. Well you're welcome to start your own community to your body gods, and you're also welcome to keep an eye on us, and give us encouragement. It just seems that women's problems with weight, fitness and body image are different enough from men's to make sense for the groups to be separate.

If you join up, please take a look at the sample intro below. You don't have to follow it to the letter, but knowing your goals, long term and short term, and your current situation will help us both bond with each other, and give advice relevant to your needs. And don't forget your goddesses!

When introducing yourself, it would be great to have the following information--
Your Goddess:
If your goddess is not already in the gallery, add a link to a picture, but don't post the picture itself unless you put it behind an lj-cut tag, for those with slow bandwidth. The community maintainer will check with the copyright owner and add your goddess to the gallery if permission is granted. If the image is a photo, it will be made into 'art' because we can never be someone else, and having our goddesses be art helps us remember they are ideals, icons, not rigid requirements for beauty.

Why You Picked Her:
Just briefly describe how you are like your goddess, what you admire about her, what you think achieving a body like that will mean to you and your image of yourself.

Where You Are Now:
How close are you? If you're far away, that's ok, just acknowledge it. If you're close, that's ok too. The last 10 pounds are often the hardest to lose. What is your current level of fitness, how often you exercise, how you feel about yourself, how well and how often you eat..... these things can show you (and us) where you can start to make changes to improve your health.

What Your Immediate Goal Is:
What do you want to have done in a month, three months and six months to work toward your goddess? Looking farther ahead than that is pointless, it's an eternity away. But once you know what your first couple steps are, you can move with confidence to achieve them. If you aren't sure how to get from Here to There, that's ok too, just say so.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses:
Let us know what is helping and hindering you on the path to your goddess. These can be mental, spiritual, or physical aspects of you.

Located at http://www1.freewebs.com/goddesses/index.htm the Goddess Gallery is our tribute to the ideals each of us are striving for. Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes and so do we. In the Gallery have been placed pictures of several 'goddesses' images of women that represent certain ideals of female beauty. Below those pictures are general descriptions of their characteristics, and what makes them beautiful in their unique ways. Also, the LJ names of their worshippers will be added below, unless you ask otherwise. This should let people working toward similar goals connect more easily, should the community grow large.

To be successful in our goals we need to pick an image to inspire us that is actually achievable. If you are a tall amazon lady, please don't worship a little doll of a goddess. Be kind to yourself and find someone who is beautiful in the way that you are beautiful. Half the trouble modern women have is that the media hold up only limited ideas of beauty, types of beauty that most of us could never achieve with all the dieting and weight lifting in the world. But those aren't the only beauties. In fact, through history the ideal of beauty has changed dramatically, going through cycles as to what is fashionable. Ultimately, what is most important is that while there is always room for improvement, each of us can be beautiful as we are, and that by loving ourselves, we encourage movement toward our perfect being.