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Skin tight jeans

It's a bit long winded

I have given up every single diet I have ever done. I've tried two this year already, I started my third today.
It was going fine the last time, but I didn't exercise for just one day because things got in the way and that was it, I couldn't find the motivation to get going again. That was almost two months ago.

I work in a job where I am required to sit at a till for nine hours straight. Since doing this job I have gained nearly three stone (42 pounds). I also suffer from Fibromyalgia which means that even at my age (27) I am in quite a lot of pain at all times (think of it as arthritus throughout all of your joints that doesn't let up). I also have a serious problem with my lower spine so any awkward movement can mean a few days unable to move sometimes, or swallowing Ibuprofen like they're sweets.
Ideally I want to take up swimming, but I work long hours and they're closed by the time I get out, plus the expense coupled with being alone is bad enough

I am on minimum wage so can't afford lots of variety in my food. I hardly eat meat because I just can't afford it. When I can stretch to it, I eat turkey steaks because they're about half the price of chicken breasts.

Whilst doing my last diet I allowed myself treats which gave me an excuse to dip into chocolates or biscuits if they were going at work. I'm not doing that this time.

I'm cutting out milk and switching to soya (because it upsets my stomach mostly), and cutting out carbs whilst I'm at work. I'm making salad to eat instead of sandwiches, with fruit instead of being tempted by biscuits.
I'm cutting out potatoes in the evening and can only think of pasta to cook instead.

I don't wake up in time to do exercise so am going to try doing it at night. I find it hard to sleep early and I always wake up late (it's almost 1am and I am writing this instead of sleeping. I don't usually sleep until 2am and have done this for years. It's a tough habit to break)

I need advice because I can't continue like this. I've just had to buy jeans because the seams burst on my last pair!

If you have a recipe you can share (easy stuff because I can't cook) or just want to make a few pointers, please feel free, I welcome anything.

Many thanks, Alexandra

Cross posted a little bit
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