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New Mamber!

Your Goddess:
Morrigan...the celtic goddess of war

Why You Picked Her:
I chose Morrigan based on the fact that for me, getting fit is an internal war.  I am looking to this community to help keep me motivated to be a better me.

Where You Are Now:
I am actually just starting again.  I have been on this ride many, many times (on and off since I was 13....which equates out to 15 years)

What Your Immediate Goal Is:
My immediate goal is to get something new everyday that helps me to appreciate working out and getting fit.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses:
My Strenghts are that I am in tune with what is needed to maintain a healthier lifestyle, I know the right comination of food and exercise for my body.
My weakness is that I am tempted easily to cheat or be distracted.
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